The PORTFOLIO PROJECT is an educational platform, coordinated by Susana Paiva, that works as an online exchange place where photographers can have their work published, promoted and seen by other professionals and develop projects together.

The project is open to worldwide submission. If you would like to join the platform please send a 20 images low resolution portfolio to <[email protected]>

2013 Members | Alípio Padilha | Ana Catarina Pinho | Ana Pereira | Arlindo Pinto | Brenda Turnnidge | Catarina Alarcão | Hugo Costa Marques | Jorge Pedra | José Morais | Luís Pinto | Manuel Moreira Braga | Mário Pires | Miguel Marecos | Ricardo Figueira | Rosa Reis | Rui Velindro | Sonja Valentina | Susana Paiva |